Hygiene - I will be impeccably groomed and well showered. My nails and feet will be manicured and I will be up to par on my appearance. I expect the same from you. Kindly take the time to shower and complete basic hygiene routines. This is an absolute must to ensure that we can fully enjoy each other's company. If you're running from work, you're more than welcome to use my restroom facility with amenities provided.

Drugs - Are not allowed during sessions. Please do not be intoxicated or use drugs in my presence.

Time - My time is very valuable. If you cannot make the appointment please contact me 24 hrs in advance to either reschedule or cancel the appointment. I do not tolerate no call/no show, and you will be blacklisted. If the session is canceled 24 hours in advance, there are repercussions. Cancellations made without at least 6 hours notice will be subject to 100% of the donation.

Discretion - For your discretion, I will never contact you unless you authorize me to do so. Your private information will never be shared with others.

Respect - I am not available to hangout off schedule or during my free time. Please do not make that type of request. If you would like to schedule a dinner date or any type of interacting appointment, it can be arranged.

Honorariums - Our interaction with one another is a special service that is non-negotiable. Kindly take the time to review my website. Please understand what honorariums are and how to properly present them (refer to honorarium section) prior to scheduling. I would hate to end our arrangement over such matters.

Safety - There is a screening process for gentleman that I encounter for the first time. Please fully understand my safety and comfort level. Any and all information you provide will be strictly private.